Siberian Huskies 

Siberian huskies is a breed that is very beautiful with their wolf colored fur and rich colored eyes. They are very energetic, lovable, loyal, and very intelligent. They love their owners very much. 



This is Zeke he is Agouti and White. He is our newest member to the Siberian Center. He will be eight weeks tomorrow. He is going to be AKC and CKC registered. 

8 week vet visit

The puppies had their vet visit today. They did really well with all of it. The puppies got their wormer and shots today. The five puppies loved the ride so much that they fell asleep on the way back to the house . They also licked the vet.

Veterinarian says they are very well and look very good with great structure.

On their way

The vet medicine logs